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Have you experienced tough times before, but have now recovered from hardship? Have you made too many enquiries with no success? Are you a discharged bankrupt or in a debt agreement and are struggling to find someone to give you a go?

If you have ever applied for car loans with a bad credit rating history you know how hard it is to get approved, but not with Loan Angel. We won’t judge you by your past and won’t hold you back from a new start. Our finance experts can help you realise your dreams of buying a new car. Whenever there is need for car loans for people with bad credit history, clients turn to their Loan Angel. What makes us different from other finance companies is that we are passionate about helping others and will guide you through every aspect of the process with a dedicated person with you from start to finish.

Need help getting a loan?

If you are looking for a financial advisor you can trust, come to us. Simply apply online today and get a new car loan with bad credit tomorrow. We can help you in all areas of finance from home loans, car loans and personal loans through to investment or equipment credits as well as leasing and much more. When people think of car loans for bad credit ratings history, they think of Loan Angel. We make a difference in many clients’ lives and we can make a difference in yours!

Questions about getting loans with bad credit history?

If you have been bankrupt, have defaults, too many enquiries, been self-employed for a short period of time or experienced hardships often you believe that no one can help. Loan Angel are bad credit loan experts and if you have any questions about our range of services, or would like to discuss your specific case with one of our friendly staff members, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with us by phone, email or try using our quick and easy online enquiry form. The process can be completed easily and we can show you how to get a loan whether it be personal loans, car loans, auto loans, home loans, bad credit loans, debt consolidation and many more. When getting cars on finance there is also the battle of finding the perfect car.


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