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      Useful Car Loan Info

The following are useful to know when embarking on your purchase.

Our Loan Angels are very knowledgeable in all facets of the finance industry. They have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, with current changes, news, trends and rates. Loan Angels will advise and assist you get the best possible financial solution available for your specific situation and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances so that we can advise you accordingly and present your best options to you.

The following tips will be helpful as you move forward with your new purchases

A “bad credit” car loan in Australia is tailored for customers with an impaired credit rating. Loan Angel specializes in helping people to get back on track with their finances no matter what their past credit ratings may be.

Loan Angel car loans anywhere in Australia, can allow for a loan of up to 150% of the car value, which can help pay for dealer delivery, purchase costs and warranty.

Car Insurance

You are required to your car comprehensively insured while it is under any finance agreement.

GAP Insurance

There is a potential for a financial loss if your car is written off whilst it is under finance. There could easily be a shortfall between the insurance payout $ figure and the $ amount still owing on the finance – despite the fact that the car is covered by comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance (or Motor Equity Insurance) is protection against this potential loss and gives you peace of mind for the term of the agreement.

Flexible Payment Arrangement (FPA)

This will provide flexibility in payment arrangements should you require a holiday period from your loan. It gives the opportunity to reduce your monthly repayment to free up your cash flow, handy around Christmas time or your annual family holiday.

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